The bumpbar and the recondition kit have new and unique features

U.S. Patent No. D625,731
Other patents pending

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  • Durable, injection-molded black nylon
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Flexible to take constant usage
  • Metal, domeless membrane; no domes to fall out
       Tested to over 7 million pushes per switch.
  • Long switch tail; 4.5" tail for easier changes and repairs
  • Sound selectable PCB; allows user to turn off and on
  • User changeable PS/2 cable via our unique access door on back of the keypad
  • Uses paper insert overlays
  • Lightweight material, less expensive to ship
  • Up to a 300' PS/2 cable to some controllers
  • DOS and Windows(tm) compatible; no emulation codes sent from our keypad, just standard PS/2
  • Supports scancodes 1 and 2, with your controller able to choose. Defaults to SC2
  • We can custom-map keys for your specific application; contact us for key-reassignment options

Three modes of operation selectable in our latest firmware
Mode 1: Each key press sends one character to the controller
    Press button 1; get the character 1 on the screen
      This is default mode

Mode 2: Same as Mode 1, with the last key (20) changed to a
      carriage return (enter)

Mode 3: Each key press sends two characters to the controller -- the key pressed character and a carriage return
    Press button 1; get the character 1 with a CR

Example pressing keys 1 to 5

Compatibility guide for the TDS-R Recondition Kit
Model                                Manufacturer
TDS                               KRS Corporation, Llc.
KP-2200                        QSR Automations, Inc
KP-3000                        QSR Automations, Inc.
KP-4000                        QSR Automations, Inc.


Keypad assembly

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